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Welcome to Rikow Hampshires

Rikow Hampshire's roots started in 1963 breeding Hampshire sheep.  Starting with only a few bred ewes, I soon added to our flock by acquiring many of the "Famed" Hogg-Hubbard bloodlines.  In the 1990's, I accelerated our breeding program with the addition of Lane Ranch bloodlines.  These bloodlines have worked extremely well with the Nichols ram, "Option".  The breeding program has had excellent results with the current line breeding method.  The brood ewe flock numbers are kept around 65 head.


My goal is not to strive for a couple of good lambs, but rather to strive to take less to the "market".  Rikow Hamps specialize in uniformity.  I sell the majority of our offsprings for breeding stock and not at the market.  The motto is to cull hard and keep the easy doing ewes!  The breeding ewes must fend for themselves.  There is no one to assist during the day.   And at night, I need my beauty sleep!

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